Thursday, October 16, 2008

waiting, waiting..

for a big strong man..(aren't we all?).
Granny and Grandad have gone back to Ireland - the month seemed to go really quick...Unfortunately most of Grannies holiday snaps will be xrays...The broken elbow needs to be operated on at home in Ireland, so she won't be able to go back to work for a while. I hope that they had a good time in spite of the accident..

the reason I need a big strong man is to move all my scrapbooking furniture back into my scrap room...
I'm not real good at waiting you know - it's a sagittarius thing.
aaaannnnddd Jeff is working late tonight..

On another note - a fantastic day was had by all at The Creative Artz Cottage's Big Day In on Saturday..Congratulations to Cassie and Donna for all their hard work to raise money for the cancer council - and have some scrapping fun along the way. Loretta Grayson spent the day and was so lovely and friendly (oh and UBER TALENTED) She is just the queen of all things tree-ey and natural..

Watch out scrapbooking world - Bundy scrappers are about to take over!! My mate Petrina has created some awesome designs for Stuff2scrap...and you can have a looksy at them RIGHT HERE.
Congratulations Petrina - Bundy could be on the map yet!!!

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Petrina McDonald said...

we've been on the map for ages's just a different map is all ;-) Great to finally see you again, P