Monday, March 31, 2008

felt is fab..

for kids crafts.. this is a little handbag my daughter made yesterday - with 2 little matching butterfly brooches- how funky!!!

oh scrappy days..

having a bright period at the moment...not 100% sure if I like it, but just going with it!!

Renos finished -

now all we need is a baby!!..If only they would let you know when these babies were going to arrive...
DS as born at this stage - but this one is still quite high - so could be a few more weeks yet..

I'm trying to enjoy the quiet time at home...just not used to not having a million things to do...

DD has been diagnosed long sighted and her first pair of glasses arrived on Friday. $200!! I wonder how long they will last.. She is very proud of them thank goodness - I thought it would be a challenge to get her to wear them.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


just a small part of DS's collecton of ninja turtle everything... what is the collective noun for a group of ninja turtles???
um... a mess?
.....a cowabunga?

I know that if you get in DS's way while playing you get a ninjery..


how I got my groove back -- a bit of scrap therapy -
the builders ARE FINISHED!! So all we have to do is paint....ok, easy, except I am on bed rest and Jeff did his back last Wednesday and can still hardly move. Looks like once again our home wil be chaos for the arrival of a new baby..

Anyway - got some LOs done.