Wednesday, February 25, 2009


for all my lovely messages of support on my new beginnings at Uni - wow - my head is spinning after 2 days of lectures about referencing and essays...but there are loads of mums - at least 60+% are mature age - so I don't feel out of place..

Monday, February 23, 2009

First day at big school

(for me!!!)
hey Cass - I am in a class with one of your students from last year! - because I am very young and studenty!!
don't laugh at the photo - this was the "Good"one..v.sad, but true..
Had a great day for my first day at Uni - my head is spinning a bit though - so much info in one I am having an early night...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

There's still time..

to put in an entry on the the One Little Aussie Word site - for a chance to win some prizes form Stuff2Scrap!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Productive Day

I have finished 23 layouts for Sarah Gladmans Make New Memories drive for survivors of the was surprisingly quick -based on the same design as my "M" embroidery hoop below -no theme - just general lo's that can be used for many different themes..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

not quite finished with Brisbane..

This layout was done as part of my Scrap Around the World trip... I felt moved to do 2 inspired by Brisbane.. this one is all about the colours of Brisbane - Dark Blue ;the water - Azure - the sky -Yellow - the sun -Grey -thunderstorm clouds - and black for Brisbane at night.. I just painted big blobs of the colours that I wanted onto cardstock, and then cut them out to use as a colour frame for my photo..

Take OFF!!

from Brisbane.. I was inspired by this photo of The Storey Bridge with the City behind it... This is a famous landmark over the beautiful Brisbane River... So I drew up this basic sketch (sorry about dodgy photo!)
and then ended up with this layout.....and yes ..that is me with The Socks... so next stop Beunos Aires...

Friday, February 13, 2009

right now

in my backyard..the skip is here.. the backpackers looking to make a few bucks are here..and of's absolutely pouring!!!!
It hasn't stopped them though - we are doing the Mother of all clean ups - so far I have heard 2 screams from our poor Taiwanese Boys - 1 for a metre long brown snake and one for a big hairy spider on someone's leg!! lol - they'll remember this day in their travels - talk about wildlife experience!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

some inspiration

came to me today ...from my DH - no less...he is a travel agent, and before we settled here in Queensland we spent 10 years living in London and were lucky enough to travel to many destinations around the world. Before we were together we both did the backpacking thing as well separately..and travel is something that we both love....
however the reality of 3 kids living in regional Qld with one salary and one full time uni to exotic and far off destinations is just not something in our reality for at least 5 years.
so...............while at my husband's store today I was looking at an Around The World fare - 19 stops in some amazing places - I thought (insert light bulb here) how I would love to Scrap Around the World...(from my scrap room of course - no passport or travellers cheques required..)

I am going to create an Around the World Route...and use each destination as inspiration for a project - hopefully it will stretch my creativity and get me (virtually anyway) away from it all!!

I have been planning my dream trip and so far here it is:
Leaving from Brisbane, Queensland, and then heading to Beunos Aires - Mexico - New York - Rekjavik - Dublin - London - Paris - Florence - Prague - Lapland - Cairo - Nairobi - Cape Town - Delhi - Kathmandu - Tokyo - Singapore - Bali - Home.....
WOW imagine that trip !!

Feel free to come with me..I think I will probably need at least 2 weeks in each destination to really see the sights, so I will be "travelling" for at least 6 months

.......I am leaving from Brisbane. I will post some images of "BrisVegas"..but when I think of Brisbane - I think of Jacarandas, fireworks, one-way streets, the Storey Bridge, the Brisbane River..huge electrical storms and blue, blue sky.....

So each project will be a layout or OTP - inspired by the flavours, sights, sounds, colours, culture and people of each destination...


I have just been bloghopping to Aga's blog and read about Sarah Gladman - She has started a wonderful project to send memory books to the survivors of the Victorian Bushfires - imagine losing every image of your loved ones?? Imagine how that becomes a million times worse when your loved ones have lost their lives in a tragedy like this??? Sarah has come up with a great idea to help these devastated families build new memories. Have a look at her blog for full details on how you can help...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I forgot

to say a big WELCOME to Sheree McGee - who has joined the creative team at One Little Aussie Word - welcome aboard Sheree !

whose bad???

Gotta be in it to win it right??? Well with that in mind I have worked my butt off over the last 48hrs to put together and entry for the Bad Girls Design Team... If you have never been over to the dark side...then have a look - the design team is truly original and innovative.. the calibre of entries will probably be way beyond my humble skills - but hey - you never never know....if you never never have a go...
oh ---and the kits are AWESOME - really eclectic and right up my street.. I will share my 4 projects (yes there has been some EXTREME SCRAPPING going on in Bundy!! and not much housework - what a shame...) as soon as Wendy makes the announcement.....
(I'm a sagitarrius you know - waiting is not really one of my strong points....)
how'bout now?? no?

Okay - here's another Lo from today (While we are waiting) see I can do clean and crisp!

For Keeps

(For Keeps Creative Paper Magazine) seems to like me at the moment :)
I have this in this months magazine - a project that I did for my daughter - altering an old mirror and brush set (which was gorgeous to start with!) I got it on ebay for $6!! A layout of Zach is featured in the ad for the next issue and I think I have something in the next 4..And Up2Scrap - which is the biggest mag in NZ has picked up several of my layouts in coming months.It's nice after a publishing break to be picked up again.. (plus a little bit of extra scrapping money!)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

9 Months Old

Already - how time flies...could have made another one by now..(NOT!!!) Look at those big blue eyes! We went and visited the new baby emus at the zoo this week. Emus are just hilarious to watch - as we sat there one of these babies had a "moment" and fell over on it's face when a pigeon flew too close - it was classic.

Friday, February 06, 2009

One Little Aussie Word

A great new challenge blog starts today.. Here is my layout inspired by the 1st word "BEGIN" - It's a quote I heard somewhere or other and always liked..
I am joined by some fantastic scrappers on the creative team; Agnus Kasprzak, Bec Spicer,and Carole Jansen will be joining in a little later in the year. Have a look at the new site and join in with the challenge to have a chance of winning a great prize pack from Stuff2Scrap