Sunday, November 11, 2007

ho ho ho...

It's that time again!! 6 weeks till Christmas - we have 5 family birthdays between now and then!


thought I'd use this month's Aussie dare as a way to use up all Tilly's photos from her trip to Sydney..
The challenge was to use a CD or LP cover as inspiration..
I have used "LOVE ACTUALLY". easy-peasy!!!

I'm back!!

haven't thrown up for 5 WHOLE DAYS!!! I actually feel like scrapping again.. thank god - I was getting a bit depressed there for a while...

Monday, November 05, 2007

there is a light....

at the end of the morning sickness tunnel - I have not blogged for a month - barely getting through my workday - dinner bath. bed for the kids and collapsing into bed at 7,30... so what's with this whole BLOOMING thing??? Seems I kinda bypass that.. But it has eased - I now have traditional "morning" sickness.. only vomiting first thing - which is a HUGE improvement from the last 10 weeks - 16 weeks preggas now - so one would hope that it will end soon...

hmmm - STILL WAITING to hear from Scrapbooking Memories Masters - lucky really I have been so crook, or I would have been obsessing about it!!!

anyway - have got a little mojo back..