Saturday, January 26, 2008

renos....dust...dirt..and STUFF EVERYWHERE!!

well I haven't blogged because I haven't been able to get to my computer - yes, we are doing the dreaded reno.....

everything from the front half of the house is all piled into my scrapbooking NO scrapping for me for at least another few weeks.......

well I'm sure it will all be worth it to have a lovely new bathroom, and entry and I guess the new baby WILL need somewhere to live.

and.....I have a front door - now that may not seem very exciting to most people, but we have only had a dodgy screen door that was about 5 ft 4 high since we bought the house - and that had a wonky cat flap that anyone could crawl through ... So now I have a PROPER KEY AND EVERYTHING!!

So it's Australia Day - and we have a great Aussie day planned - absolutely nothing - mowing the lawn, swim in the backyard pool -hanging out under the mango tree yep - it's great to be Australian!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a good scrapping day..

was had by me...
4 new layouts and 3 UFO's - this whole "clean room" thing is doing wonders for my mojo..

new year - new layouts..

I have had a very productive morning in my newly cleaned and sorted scrap room..

"Mummy - you do it"
is a scraplift of a layout by Shannon Tidwell - I just loved her LO so much I had to do it!!!

newest addition..

This is Tinkerbell - our new 7 week old lab...
ooooooohhhh - how cute!!

rain, rain go away..

okay so i know it's a drought and people all over have water restrictions - but we don't and ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! It has been raining non stop in Bundy (beautiful one day - wet wet wet the next and the next) since the start of my 2 week holiday. I had big plans to take the kids to the beach every day. nope. haven't been once - the risk of being swept away kind of takes the fun out of it....
so.... 2 bored kids, inside for 10 days + 1 new puppy = messy house from hell..
so I spent a whole day cleaning out my scrap space - man I was RUTHLESS!! So I will (try to) do what all good scrappers everywhere do on a rainy day - scrap all day ignoring all offsprings' needs for sustenance, hydration and entertainment...

on another note..
WOW - Maxine Hazebroek's entries for Masters are absolutely amazing. Congratulations Maxine - and to think that she nearly stopped scrapping because of some petty jealousies on a scrapsmack site - Well done Max- FAB< FAB FAB!!!!!!!