Monday, October 20, 2008

Pupil free day

huh?? didn't we just have 2 weeks of holidays followed by a pupil free day??? So we have had a quiet recovery day - getting back to normal after our visitors and T's birthday. Zach spent the day playing "birthdays" with his ninja turtles - very cute - he even made them a cake out of train tracks..
Just a quick photo of the big C - he is desperate to get moving but can't even sit on his own yet..subsequently he squirms and wriggles and doesn't want to held...but can't be put down on his own. He has EXHAUSTED me today..but he is so happy go lucky that I don't mind!!! I'll be very glad when he can just sit with some toys...until it all goes horribly wrong and he learns to crawl. I have a lot of things to change in this house before then..
I have done a Layout for Petrina's blog tonight - I got the FANTASTIC technique idea from Karla on the One Little Word blog..I will photograph it tomorrow as it is sewn into the page protector and won't photograph with the flash - I loved doing it and will definitely use this idea again.

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