Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Z is 5

Happy Birthday to the best little boy in the whole world!!! We have already had Z's party - before school broke up and everyone went away - so today is just a quiet celebration with Nanna and
Poppy and calls to Granny and Grandad in Ireland - he still scored 2 cakes though!!! We came home to Aus when he was 6 weeks old - I can't believe it was 5 years ago.
We have returned from a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FAB (you get the idea) 10 days away - 7 spent on the beautiful Hamilton Island- Chrissy Day involved cocktails by the pool, swimming, prawns, more swimming, champagne and lots of time doing nothing together!!I got a v. spesh gift from here OMG and we have all arrived home rested and having had some real quality time together. (Just don't mention the cricket!)
Jeff and I have made some BIG decisions - that are going to change our lives somewhat (for the better in the long run - we hope!) although probably tougher in the short term.. So I am coming up to New Year with renewed energy and goals and priorities.... I will post some photos later - have got lots of lovely unpacking to do - and we are expecting some friends to arrive any minute from Texas - for New Years - So have a great New Years wherever you are in the world and I hope the New Year looks as exciting for you as it does for us!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


from the last few weeks..

4 birthdays...

one graduation from pre-school, one concert and 2 hangovers later...
So much has happened in the last 2 weeks, and funnily enough, while being offline has been a complete pain in the bot... It made me realize how much time I spend online... Hmmn so one of my New Years Resolutions will be to set a limit, and stick to it!
So to catch up Big Z has finished pre-school and is all ready for Big school next year (and V. excited!0 He has also had his 5th birthday party - at the Bowling and indoor leisure centre. Which was a huge success! His birhday is not till the end of December - but it is such a hard time to organize a party with everyone away etc, that we have a Queens' birthday thing going for him!
Big C is crawling and pulling himself up, and of course has his first bump on his lovely little head "(..
T has finished grade 3 (wow) and is practically a teenager..she finished up with a beautiful school Christmas concert.
Dad, Mum and I have all turned a year older in the last week - so the less said about that the better.
and now the countdown begins to Hamilton Island!!!


I was so happy to up and running and back online when...CRRRAAASSSHHH..yep my lovely Dell computer was suddenly inundated by 2 weeks worth of updates and chucked a fit - so I have dug out my old laptop until we can get through the Hellpdesk hell....
Amazing how quick this old thing is - because there is nothing on it!! I am coming back to play after baby goes to sleep..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


optus connected me today ...oh my, I felt like I was abandoned in a dark lonely place with no scrapbooking blogs or surfing or shopping.................
ok, breathe...
(and don't mention a certain telecommunications company who we WON'T be coming home to)

I"M BACK IN THE LAND OF THE BLOGGER>>> Our little pack arrived today from OPtus (when they said it would) and we plugged it in and it worked (like they said it would) and we got instant connection (yeah yeah you get the idea..)
what's going on?? Not quite used to service or things justing WORKING..

so here we are only 2 weeks from Christmas and I have so much to catch up on... Lots of photos and layouts to upload - will do it in a post later 2 night when all small children are asleep and not a mouse is stirring..........
have to go surf now and see what I've missed..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

no internet??! what??

nope - haven't had any access for over a week- we are changing from optus to telstra - and of course the next available day to connect us is...... 12 th of December. yep. another week - I feel like I have had my air supply cut off...I am at Mums watering while she is away at Andre Reueueouoeui.....so Iam having a quick FIX online....please come back and see me ina week