Monday, August 28, 2006

If I was a fishy....

Sometimes the photo that isn't quite right is the one that really catches the moment. DD is always in the water when we are at the beach - she comes up for air with a huge gulp - and then the face goes back into the water!!

Hot - Scrapbooking-Idea

Yay - I am on the design team of a great new scrapbooking site called
it's all free ideas and tips for scrapbookers - with monthly challenges and reviews. We'd love to hear any great tips or ideas that you would like to share. There is a forum coming soon - so check it out!!!


It's amazing when I look back how my style has COMPLETELY changed over the last year. I think I have finally settled into "my" style....for now anyway. There was a time when nothing went onto my LO's without ink on it - and certainly no bright colours!!!
I think basic grey can be held responsible for bringing me out of the browns and into the brights - their ranges are just gorgeous, and seem to work for any theme or style..
still love polka dots though - except now they are everywhere!! yay!

Recycle, repaint, reuse

I just LOVE old whole house is full of treasures that I find at the dump and charity shops. I love the feel of old things - they are like old friends!!
This pile of my beloved suitcases (one of a few..) is all from the dumpshop - even the gorgeous old enamel pitcher and bowl. How could you throw that away??? I prefer this to any top of the line Harvey Norman furniture anyday!!
(poor hubby - he puts up with a lot!!)

More Everyday Moments

Life really is great..I love these photos of the kids - the really do capture their personalities.
These are my latest efforts for the Everyday Moments's great fun. Sometimes it really helps to have restrictions and deadlines - it really makes you be creative.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my lttle clown

ah...yet another day of fancy dress.
It is amazing what you can do with some charity shop overalls and a foot supporters wig. She had a BALL!!!