Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well, I am a bit late this month, but here is my LO for his months Aussie scrapjack...from the very talented Mardi Wennen..

Dropped it..

oops. My carefully organised box of chipboard is now on the floor - and it so perfectly arranged by letter....
who has time to sort it out again?? I think they look fine where they are!


I guess at some point I should think of a cool title for my Blog - hmmmn...
nope, no inspiraton just yet...
any ideas???
The Zachinator:
Here's my gorgeous boy - he was thrilled to finally be in a "zine" and 2 at that (SC and SM) - as every other lo I have ever had published has been of his sister!!
...and here is is again - yes, I often scrap the same photos twice - for different albums..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Freestyle baby!!

I have finally finished some of the layouts from the amazing classes at the Freestyle convention..
These 3 are from Nic Howard, Emily Falconbridge and Tia Bennett..
sorry about the crappy self potrait!!I had to take it myself!
Thanks girls for all the wonderful inspiration.

Head down bum up!!

This photo really does symbolize me at the moment!!! I am having a major refurbishment at work - we are going to be the coolest op shop EVER!! I have chosen paint colours - lime green, orange and banana yellow.... um... seemed like a good idea at the time!

This is my daughter at Australia Zoo - you literally have to hold her back from climbing into the cages with ANY animal...
Another Wildlife Warrior in the making??? I hope so.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Australia Zoo

OMG! another weekend away, I am buggered! (and secretly dying to get into my scrap room with all my new inspiration!!) But we have just spent the long weekend at the Sunshine Coast - did all the touristy things with the kids - they had a FAB time at Australia Zoo..Patted anything that could be patted, and fed anything that stood still long enough. It just seems so poignant - with huge pictures of Steve everywhere. Zach (3) kept saying "poor Steve".."naughty stingray"..


WOWOWOW..what a great weekend. I really enjoyed the Freestyle weekend in Sydney!! It was great to meet all the great ladies in the scrapworld. Emily Falconbridge is SOOO lovely, and inspiring - as were Tia Bennett, Rhonna Farrer and Nic Howard. It was great to go to classes that weren't product based.
I failed to take many photos, just (2...oooops - and look how cool I am!!) - well I was just too busy to take photos!!
Hi to the spunky Melbourne girls - I will wear my autographed apron with pride!!!