Monday, June 22, 2009

So, meanwhile...

I know, I know!! How long has it been since I posted here!! Thanks Aga for tagging me.. I have been very busy with my new uni life. I have a week off now, then a week school hols home with the kids and then back to Term 2. It has been AWESOME>>unfortunately, my scrapping life has suffered, but I have had so much work to do - that it has had to take a backseat. I have exceeded my own expectations ( and those of a few of my past high school teachers too I bet)! So far - in the first round of assignment - I have 3 HDs and 1 d+ yay uni-mums! There is a great bunch of mature age students like me out there and we are all having a great time engaging the brain again. On the home front - we have had lots happen - baby boy has had his 1st birthday! Big Z has started rugby and already got a medal for best and fairest - T has blitzed the field in the school 800m - (we won't mention that the teachers added up wrong and made the kids run around the oval 3 times - actually 1200 metres!!). Jeff and T have been on a school excursion to 1770, I have had 2 layouts published in UP2 SCRAPS NZ and one in Scrapstreet online. - Had several in For Keeps Creative Paper, and lost one that was supposed to go to Scrapbook Creations...
Life is busy, busy - but good. I am looking forward to getting stuck in again next term, although the maths part is a bit of a worry!!
I have neglected my poor One little Aussie word site - but I hope to catch up a bit this week..
so all is well in Bundy@!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


has been and nearly gone...My little man has turned ONE!! omg. What a gorgeous little boy he is - he loved his red car!! Tilly hs played her first game of inter school soccer, We had a fantastic Anzac Day - Clancy's first march - and Zach is loving Prep - and painting in the backyard! Jeff has got in touch with his inner Jonny Depp for a fancy dress party (scary!!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

head down bum up

yep - Uni is great - FULL ON. I have just handed in the first round of assignments and done exams - 6 more weeks until the next lot are due and then a break - man...busy????? oh yeah.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

No I haven't fallen off the edge of the world..

it just seems like it..
man - talk about busy. I am absolutely loving Uni - but it is full on with 3 kids and a 40th birthday in the middle.. I am manic with the first lot of assessments all due in the next few weeks..breathe.....just breathe. So I am missing this years scrap retreat :( ..oh well have to make some sacrifices right??
Well I have been published in NZ in UP@SCRAPS and in Oz in For Keeps Creative Paper this month - I will post some pics tomorrow.. I also have some layout in an online magazine called Scrapstreet. - Have a look it's great and all free online>>
this months One Little Aussie Word will be up on Friday too so blog on over..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've nearly caught up...we have had a huge week - me sicker than I have been in a long time and in hospital, week 2 of Uni, Jeff's family from Ireland arriving and Jeff's 40th birthday - with friends from Texas and Gold Coast making the trip up...Thanks guys!!
I found my camera TODAY....but I have been promised some photos of the weekend from Row - a fellow scrapbooker, seems we both picked up the same hobby since not seeing each other 8 years ago!!
But I did take a photo of THIS. On day 2 of every visit we seem to always have a major accident - Dad falling in the Thames and breaking his leg in London, Jeff's Mum falling over in a carpark and breaking her elbow when she was out last we got through day 2 with NO INJURIES...and then on day 3..............poor little Indiah ran straight into the glass door and knocked herself silly...Thank God it was safety glass - considering that the door has been in there for God knows how long - she got away with a concussion and bruises - the 2 breaks are her head and knee hitting the could have been a lot worse............ what is it with us and visitors???????
Anyway - the Irish contingent are having a great time - recovering from St.Patrick's Day and having a quiet one tonight, before going to Lady Musgrave Island tomorrow...
BTW -- A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MRS THORNE!!! who celebrated a v. special birthday on Friday..... I have a bottle of bubbly just waiting to have a belated celebration mate!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sick, sick, sick

not a great way to start uni..I have been in hospital for 3 days and I am now home on gate leave with mastitis and resulting blood poisoning. Feeling very crook. so I will see you all next week when I am a bit better "(

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I think it's going to get a little windy:

Tropical Cyclone Hamish has been upgraded to Category 5 and is heading down the coast toward us - it is very dark and gloomy and has just started to rain - so Bundy is battening down the hatches - Jeff is supposed to fly home from Brisbane tonight - if the cyclone keeps heading this way - then he won't be on a plane!! Good luck to everyone up north - let's hope that this cyclone peters out and doesn't cross the coast.