Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My internet has been down all day and I have felt completely cut off from the rest of civilization - I rebooted, rerouted, unplugged, rebooted again, phoned a friend and I still couldn't fix it.
Of course Jeff walked in and had one look and said "the modem is turned off'
well duh..
must be the blonde hair....
I like it when it just works ok???
Baby C had his 6mths needles today - so a bit up and down tonight...poor little mouse - he didn't even cry with the first one, just dropped his lip and his big blue eyes filled with tears. The 2nd was a bridge too far though and he had a good bawl..
So early to bed and lots of cuddles..

I see there is a few visitors to my blog from Toowoomba - I went to school up there (Mt. Lofty) in fact the 20 year reunion (God, how depressing!) was on a month or so ago. I couldn't make it - though I would have loved to catch up with some old school friends. So Hello Toowoomba!! I'll dig out my layout of my senior formal just for a laugh (you are laughing with me, not at me..right??)

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