Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

So, everything went smoothly this year...delegating out food made it a lot easier..plastic plates and cutlery made it a WHOLE lot easier..tacky- I know- bad for the environment- I know, but sometimes taste and politcal correctness has to make way for sheer exhaustion.
Everyone seems happy with gifts etc,,YAYAYAAY all over for another year...

Except now we have DS's birthday this Saturday. Crappy time for a birthday.
Anyway - 1 minor detail - I did not take one single photo on Christmas day.
I will take some this afternoon - it is still Christmas time isn't it?????
Lucky the tree is till up - I tend to get into a frenzy and tear it all down as soon as Boxing Day is over.
Oh well I will just fake it - I mean who will know???

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jolly Bollocks

Ho Ho Ho - is it over yet???
really - I am very festive, just a bit over it (but in a seasonal way).
I have been erecting Xmas trees at work since end of October....kinda drags it out a bit.
So what do you give to the kid who only wants (quote) "to meet the real Santa, and go for a ride on the sleigh" ?
When asked "but do you want Santa to bring you any toys/"...."no - I just want to meet him"
I think she is suspicious....very crafty that one. It's a bit self destructive though...if only they realized that in their quest for the truth - they destroy the fairytale. (still get the goodies though- except you can complain about them when they are from Mum and Dad and not the big S!!)
Another 2 birthdays this week - why did everyone in family celebrate Easter by Shagging???- the whole family is born in December!!!
Here's Jeff waiting for turtles at Mon Repos.

this time I mean it!!!

yeah - well my intentions are good!!! Still trying to get into the rhythm of working full time - two kids - housework etc and still find ME time.. Hmmm...any suggestions???
December has come and with another birthday.35. That's OK. I feel fine about 35. It's very grown up though!!
I have been considering my news years resolutions. So far I have decided that I need to have more fun...and the kids and hubby need to have more fun.
(remember fun?)
How hard can it be to have fun??? Not the contrived, spend a fortune on a day out fun, but the spontaneous fall about laughing kind of fun???
Well, I'm working on it.
I think I should eat better exercise more..blah blah blah blah spew....
who cares? I WILL NOT join a gym I WILL NOT count bloody calories....and I WILL NOT give up anything with chocolate, sugar or alcohol..I WILL NOT spend my only day off as a slave to housework. (as long as you wear shoes inside so stuff doesn't stick to your feet - you can hardly notice.)
I WILL stay up late, I WILL give the kids Maccas sometimes..and I WILL give myself a break.
Hey - that's new years reso's almost done.
probably need a few more positives in there. I WILL be positive..
OK> that works for me. Maybe this year I will actually KEEP them!!
hahahahahahahaha...(the chocolate and alcohol one is no prob!)

By the way - this is Trevor the Frog. He joins us and watches TV through the window most nights...