Monday, April 24, 2006

Holidays over!

Thank goodness school has gone back. The last 2 weeks have been my daughter's first experience of school holidays, and she is not impressed. Bored is an understatement!!
We had a lovely Easter and I have just come back from a 2 day scrap retreat...what a treat.
I feel so lucky to have few days just to scrap, with nothing to do but scrap!!!
(and eat..and eat.)
I feel about 3 kilos heavier, scrapbooking doesn't use too many calories..maybe I could
invent scrappercise.. how to excercise and scrap at the same time. {Could make for interesting lo's.}
We had a ball though, thanks to Petrina and Cassie for all their hard work in making the weekend a success.
But back to the real world..

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Happy Easter

Hey, I have been busy over the Easter weekend...far too much chocolate to talk about!!! But I actually managed to get three layouts done! yay! I feel like I'm on a creative roll.. Looking for the right idea for my Chatterbox entry, it just hasn't come to me yet.
We have had some lovely rain. We really need it up here, great weather to scrap by, unfortunately it is school holidays, so I have bored kids stuck inside instead!!! I have actually finished my Mum's Mother's Day gift..what a first!! I Feel like I should do something else as well, I am so organised..Last year I had a brainwave on Mother's Day morning..spent all day doing her mini book. So I am relieved to not have that pressure this year. I hope she likes it..if she cries then she loves it.. you know how Mums are!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Palm Island

This is where my nanna grew up - her father was the superintendant on Palm Island. She spent her childhood here in the early 1900's. What a life!! THis photo really evokes another era.

My stylish nanna!!

I'm having a great time creating with the goodies I bought in Sydney.. I have uploaded some more goodies, this photo is of my nanna, great grandmother, and mother attending the Pittsworth Show (no less!) I love how ladies used to dress so beautifully!! My Mother had a new outfit made for this very auspicious occasion. It's a shame we have lost that old fashioned style.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Layouts

This is my little boy, I love this photo, scrapbooking is so easy when you love the photos!! Here's a tip: If you do a layout that you like, and are looking for a design to go on the other side of the double page, simply turn your existing layout on it's side!! Works every time, and looks really balanced..

Punched layout

Hi from sunny Bundaberg. Here is a layout I did last week of my son and daughter. I am trying really hard to do flat (well flatter!!) pages. I used my trustyhole punch to make the circle patterns. I was really pleased with the result. My fave colours- blue and brown!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

It's good to be home!!

Home to Bundaberg!! I was sooo itching to get into my scraproom..I have done 2 layouts. Lovin the Heidi Swapp circle chipboard letters, I expect they'll be on my next few layouts. And while I have been gone..a new scrapbook shop opened!! I went and had a quick look..looks great. We are very lucky here in Bundy, for a small town of 80 000 or so, we have 3 scrapbook shops, plus the department type stores selling scrap stuff. The more choice the better! Only 2 weeks until our scrap club retreat, this time I am going to be organised!! I sat next to a lady at a crop day who did 8 double layouts in 6 hours!!! Talk about turbo scrapper!! She had all her photos, embellishments and papers for layouts all in seperate page holders, ready to scrap!! I just can't work like that..I don't know what I need until I need it, if you know what I mean??!! Anyway, I am going to get organised ( as I can!) for this retreat, and do..... 8 double layouts..over the three days that is!! Well, you gotta have a goal right!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Still In Sydney

One more day to shop!! Actually I am just about shopped out and missing my kids!! Back to Bundy tomorrow morning to make a plan to keep kids entertained over school holidays (started yesterday). Looking forward to getting back into my scrap studio - I have got loads of inspiration while I have been down here.. and starting work on new book!!!! How exciting!! I have so many ideas I need to sit quietly for a while and just.. breathe.... Ok that's better.
I will upload some layouts when I get home..

Friday, April 07, 2006

Shopping in Sydney

Hi all, I am in Sydney for a few days, checking out the scrapbook goodies that I can't get up in Bundaberg. I have been to a few shops, the superstore in Penrith was the best so far...does anyone have any fave stores they can recommend?? It's nice to be away for a few days, but the old Mother's guilt kicks in!! Both kids crying on phone tonight - I'm sure they stopped as soon as I hung up!! But Mum's need a break too...right???
As soon as I get back to Bundy, I am going to post some pages..(and I have heaps of ideas for new ones!!)

Welcome to my new Web Blog.

I am really excited by my new blog, and I will be posting a heap of my scrapbooking pages & off the page projects in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for my secret scrapbook tips.