Tuesday, November 21, 2006

what's wrong with people???

I am amazed to hear the goings on on some Aussie blog sites!!! All the criticism of scrapbookers work and personal life> people should mind their own business!! If you don't like someones work...so??? They didn't make it for you!!! If you don't like someone's personal choices...so??? Comments that say " well they are public figures so blah blah..." is rubbish. These ecrapbookers share very personal pages about their private lives with us...if you don't like them, I suggest you turn the page!!!
Anyway I feel better now. :)
Well I am back in the swing of things now - I will be blogging again on a regular basis...
These photos were of a holiday at the English seaside!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I am so slack!!

Where have the last months gone??? I have started a new job - and still trying to settle into a rhythm...but I am back to blogger!!! I haven't had much scrapping time - but that is going to be sorted out too... The job is great - good hours and great work environment. It's so nice to be working for people who aren't chasing the almighty dollar all the time, but who are actually trying to help others..
here is a LO done last Scrapping Sunday...