Thursday, October 16, 2008

A birthday and some

I am making this for a pregnant friend. Thankfully we have 5 months to go as I am the world's slowest knitter. It's great fun though and apparently (and accidently) it is quite trendy again..
Check out Knitty Gritty - on the diy channel. The last one I watched they were knitting dog collars.
V cool.
We are having the party you have when you are not having a party this Sunday for Miss T who will be 8 - Wow - my first baby 8!! We have done some handmade party bags - cute little felt pencil toppers in the guests initials, spiral notebooks with a few ribbons and a monogram, and some cute felt hairclips. A few other treasures and some choccie coins should keep everyone happy! Rollerskating is the destination of choice - brings back memories of 80's roller discos and speed skating...
aah the good old days - I would probably break a limb now if I attempted to skate!!

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