Wednesday, January 28, 2009

and a blue one

just a Layout to share..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st Day

of Big School for Big Z- and Grade 4 for Miss T - all went well this morning - no tears (well from the kids anyway!!)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a change is in the air

So next week there are some big changes happening at my place... DS5 starts prep, DS9mths starts daycare 1 day, DD8 starts Yr4 and I start uni!
So it is the perfect time to undertake a new enormous project (not).. I have started a Kite quilt for DD - When we were on Hamilton Island she loved flying a kite they made - so I was inspired..
And being the manic, hyperactive, over committed person that I am I didn't have time to find a pattern that I liked I am doing my own . I have cut all the blocks, and the first one is sewn up -plus a couple of layouts from the weekend..
So today is The Last Thursday: every Thursday for the past 3 years Zach has spent with Nanna and Poppy.
They have there own special routine, and always have a great day - so off he went with Poppy this morning for the last time..
Shame they have to grow up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have starting subbing again

and have a workshop featured in this months Creative Paper Magazine - how to make your own fabric brads..
I have got out of the habit of subbing last year with new baby and all - but this year I will make an effort! And I am actually now "Internationally Published" (LOL) as I have layout in an upcoming issue of New Zealands' UP2Scrap Magazine..
Don't worry if that was my 15 mins of fame, then I have had it! (and it hasn't changed me at all)


So it's time to share....
a: Some News..... I will spend the next 3 years as a full time student... Yep the Gap Year (only20 odd) has ended and I am going to University to attain a Bachelor of Learning Management (um Teaching) With my youngest child being only 9 months - I have 20 years of kids at school ahead of me - and HOLIDAYS are just a nightmare.. So I figured instead of trying to fit my kids into my job, that I would fit my job around my kids. So a BIG change ahead!
b: Congratulations to my mate Cassie for her 1st published Layout in this months Scrapbooking Memories - YAY CASS!!
c: Some Layouts - My Best of January has yet to have photos added for a once a month album..
d: A great tutorial to make this fab stationary box - thanks to Jackie Topa

I am counting down the days until school goes back -then there is 3 weeks grace to get ready for the new journey of studying.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Check out

the latest Fab Female Role Model - Zainab Salbi and her incredible work on Women for Women International -a charity helping women and children in wartorn countries. I have been flat researching ladies for my new blog - Seems to make scrapbooking seem frivolous..but I have managed a few layouts to upload tomorrow..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Small venture

I have started a blog to celebrate the lives of women and girls who can be held up as an example for our daughters. It's called Female Role Models .
I felt the need to do this after my 7 year old could only name Paris Hilton as her favourite role model. (OMG)
In this age of celebrity and fame - I hope to create a resource to teach about some amazing REAL women and girls. Pop over and have a look - and if you know of anyone who stands out as a great role model for our daughters, please send me the details and I will include her - no need to be famous - just someone who you think is inspiring..

Monday, January 05, 2009

who has time to blog???

where do the days go?? Finally re-connected my laptop so here are a few photos from Chrissy.. I have been on a scrapbooking roll while J is on hols - I have done 6 layouts in the last few days...Haven't quite got around to photographong them yet ..Happy New Year everyone -