Saturday, October 25, 2008

so much for The Plan

well...people with small babies and husbands in Korea shouldn't make plans.
Poor C has had a bad reaction to his immunizations and just did not participate in my cunning plan to scrap all night..we cuddled all night instead. Oh well - gotta get the priorities right huh?? I did get my pink, grey and silver LO finished - I will upload tomorrow when I can photograph it. I have spent the evening playing with Cassie's Pazzle - oh what fun!! I could easily lose a few weeks just figuring out what it can do - it can cut paper, card, fabric, rubber stamp mat stuff, stickers, acrylic....the list goes on - AND - it can create an an image to cut from just about anything that you can put in a jpeg - even 3d images - it just cuts a number of layers..(and it makes a really cool R2D2 noise!!
I would love one - but at $900 odd buckeroonies....maybe not just at the moment.
(so I'll just borrow yours Cass).
Spent the day at home - and then had a lovely afternoon with friends at the beach followed by a fish and chip picnic. Clancy had his first dip in the ocean. (of course didn't have the camera- it's in Korea with Jeff) - so we will get the photo next time :) It's cold here tonight..What's going on???

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Cassie and Co said...

Oh mate great to see you love the Pazzle.
Had a great time friday night and it has certainly put me in the mood for getting stuck into all I have to do this coming week. I'll get back to you about the Art Opening on Wednesday night with the times so I can pick you up on the way.