Sunday, October 05, 2008

busy, busy, busy I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! we have just been FLAT OUT with school hols, visitors from Ireland, visitors from sunny coast... Hi Lou...miss you!..
It has been a round of one specialist to another.. to another another cat scan...but I think they have finally sorted MIL's arm out. She has a funky new purple thermal cast that is water proof and can be taken off for 10 mins a day to shower...seems that an operation later on is inevitable, but maybe now they can do less touring of Drs surgeries and have some time to see some are the odds??? when my Mum and Dad came to see us in the UK, dad fell in the Thames (yes- the Thames) and broke his leg in 3 places and spent 3 months in hospital - pins and bolts everywhere to keep it in place!!
There's a message there somewhere..hmmn.
Haven't scrapped for 3 weeks as all my stuff is in storage while visitors are here....didn't quite realize how much I had till I packed it all up...
feeling WITHDRAWALS!!!!\
I am knitting in the meantime to keep the creative juices flowing..
MIL doesn't want any photos taken until here facial bruises have healed -kids back to school and Dh back to work Monday

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