Sunday, May 28, 2006

Beautiful old photos

I love the old tinted photos..this one is of my Mother in the 1940s..she had a special outfit made by her mother for every times have changed!!

Big {Z}

What a day - I have a clean, really clean house!! I have scrubbed, washed, moped, dusted..finally done the big spring clean. I don't hold out much hope for keeping it this way, but it feels good while it lasts..
Anyway, I think I will reward myself with a night scrapbooking!! Here is Big little boy..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

deck the halls..

Hey, only 5 months behind with my photos!! This is my daughter with her Uncle Andy, or "The Uncle" as she called him when she was little!!
I'm having a bit of a star thing at the moment..

Sunday, May 21, 2006


if you need corner rounders, and don't have any..(or have lost them!) have a dig through your bathroom cupboard for toenail clippers. Wash them (!!) and sharpen them by cutting through tinfoil a few times, and off you go- they do the same job, and you already have them..
....don't you love freebies!

My brown eyed girl

What a gorgeous girl..look at those beautiful brown eyes. I wanted to remember the quirky questions that Tilly comes out with. I toyed with the idea of an album, but it seemed like too much work, so I decided to just scrap them as they happen, and put them in her album. She still asks me "Where does you name go when it is not written down?" how do you answer that?? It's right up there with "Why is that river there?" (age 3).

Too bright for her own good!!

My daughters scrapbooking.

These are a couple of layouts that my 5 year old daughter did today. I know I am biased, but aren't they amazing? I love the way that kids look at things. She just uses things in a different way- I would never have thought of using photo corners as hats!! It makes me lok at things in different way - which is always great.
She came up with the title "B5" on her own for her 5th birthday photos. What a treasure!

Friday, May 19, 2006

{Woodgate beach}

Beautiful Woodgate usual, no-one on the beach but us!

My beautiful home...

I thought I would post some photos of the beautiful beaches that we have close by - we really are lucky.

These are taken of Lady Musgrave Island, about 2 hours off shore. It is the southernmost part of the Great Barrier Reef. The snorkelling is amazing. Green turtles, reef fish, coral..the last time we went out, we saw dolphins, whales and manta rays!!

More rugby...

I have yet another night of rugby..all night... It's more than I can stand!! My husband thought it would be a great idea to get Austar, so he could watch the rugby at home, instead of spending money to go to the pub and watch it. So there went my lovely Friday night scraps in a quiet house!! The sounds of him yelling abuse at the TV doesn't do much for my creativity!!!
Anyhow.. I have been scrapping at a rate of knots. This layout is of my daughters' first footprints the first time she went to a beach. We were living in London, and came home to visit my Mum and Dad at the Sunshine Coast.. of course she loved it. It really brought home to us that we had to get out of cold old England!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

.....well I promised some tips

Here's a great idea to make your own photo corners.
Simply cut the corners off envelopes with a pair of
straight edged or decorative scissors. Decorate, and use
where you like...why let the designers have all the fun??

{The simple things...}

It really is the simple things in life that are the best, I woke early this morning, and had one whole hour in my scrap room before anyone else woke up..heaven!!! Its amazing how much enjoyment I get from glueing and sewing bits of paper together!! How lucky are us scrappers?? I feel like I have had my therapy for the day and can face anything now!
I have finally started on my wedding photos..only been married for 11 years..I don't want to rush into them!!
What is it about our wedding photos that makes them the last ones we scrap??
Well I have done one 1 wedding LO, goodness know when I will do the next one!!!
When you look back on your LOs can you see your style change and waver???

I have to resist the urge to redo some of my early LOs - they are pretty tragic..
Well there are about a zillion hours of rugby on today- my husband goes into the zone when it is on, so the kids and I are off to the beach (we shouldn't be able to hear the shouting at the referee from there!!!

{more baby photos}

look!!! Yet more baby photos out of the big scary box in the cupboard and onto layouts!! Thank goodness for digital cameras..the millions of unscrapped digital photos are not quite so intimidating somehow!! In the little book at the bottom I have written the story of my daughters birth..for when she is old enough!!!

{where does the time go??}

Wow!!! Where has the last month gone???? I have been on a creative roll! I have even made inroads into my daughters baby photos. I am loving polka dots at the moment. I was at my LSS and had picked up a few sheets of paper, and when I went to the check out, 8 out of 10 were spotty!! doh! Oh well, you have to go with what you like! It seems ages since I went on the Retreat. The girls are running a Sunday session this weekend, so I am really looking forward to catching up with everyone. I will be organised for this crop. I am going to prepare my WOP folder with photos, embellishments, ribbons, papers, all ready to go.. It's a great idea in theory.. I tried it for the retreat, and found I just changed everything anyway. Maybe you need some practice at it!!
I am trying to stay up later to get LOs done...but I must be getting old. By 9.30 it's pretty much all over creatively. I can sit and stare at the T.V. Or read a mag..or web surf...but I really can't focus on a LO. I'd love to be one of those all night scrappers!!! My little boy is up every morning at 5.45am and I don't stop all day. I don't know how you late nighters do it. Here is a layout using some of those spots!!