Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nature girl

funny how some kids REALLY love animals - I mean all kids like animals - but my daughter is fanatical for anything from a bird eating spider (yeah mum, why can't we get one?)... preying mantises to the usual puppies.
Five minutes of playing in the back yard and she has always caught some creature or other..
She could be one of a new generation of Wildlife Warriors...go Steve what a great legacy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


will check it that where you put a gun to someone's head and steal their half finished layout??
sounds like a lot of effort.

bloggin' on

yep - another post...well I have to keep up with the blog Queen Petrina ( yeah right- she's a Super Blogger! I have created a Blogmonster)
Just another week - nothing exciting happening, just going through the motions...have to admit that it pretty good to be alive though! I'm getting very excited about my upcoming scrap weekends - 2 (yes - TWO) IN A ROW!!! YAY>>
First we have the local scrap retreat with the Blogmonster and Crew....great laugh and very dodgy wardrobes... and then The Freestyle Convention in Sydney.

Oh and 2 weeks hols from work in between. I do love Autumn!!
New LO - a moment of rare peace before the usual sibling thing starts..

Saturday, March 24, 2007

how could you live without...

a huge bowl of flowers and a Bambi pencil holder???? - these are my two new treasures from work today...How tacky is Bambi - it's soo revolting that it is gorgeous!!!

Clock Fetish

Okay, I admit it - I have a clock fetish 16 clocks in my house- (all on different times- I really should sort that out) My husband is REALLY not a morning person, and everyday he struggles to remember which one is the right time..
...just keep scrapping....just keep scrapping...

have just spent a lazy weekend with my head underwater off Lady Elliot Island - WOW the reef is truly amazing - I swam with turtles, every type of nemo-esque fish you can imagine - and a huge leopard shark... no...not scared at all..not me..
We had a lovely time - first time in 7 years we have had a night together with no kids!!
anyway - would highly recommend it for any nature lovers - but luxury it is NOT - such a shame that nature in its true form is so SMELLY - huge resident group of Noddys (like black seagulls) -and the birdcrap and smell was overwhelming....
as long as your head is under the water it's great!!!!

guess who forgot her camera?????

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


okay - I know - how slack am I??? No excuses...just life in the way.
Well it's already a quarter of the year over, and I am still not organised!! I have been scrapping up a STORM though...9 layouts last weekend alone!
I'm having a "TEAL" phase... cardstock, stickers, plates, tops - you name it it's teal in my house at the moment...
Anyway - as Julie Anthony would say: "here are a few of my favourite things"...