Saturday, October 25, 2008

so much for The Plan

well...people with small babies and husbands in Korea shouldn't make plans.
Poor C has had a bad reaction to his immunizations and just did not participate in my cunning plan to scrap all night..we cuddled all night instead. Oh well - gotta get the priorities right huh?? I did get my pink, grey and silver LO finished - I will upload tomorrow when I can photograph it. I have spent the evening playing with Cassie's Pazzle - oh what fun!! I could easily lose a few weeks just figuring out what it can do - it can cut paper, card, fabric, rubber stamp mat stuff, stickers, acrylic....the list goes on - AND - it can create an an image to cut from just about anything that you can put in a jpeg - even 3d images - it just cuts a number of layers..(and it makes a really cool R2D2 noise!!
I would love one - but at $900 odd buckeroonies....maybe not just at the moment.
(so I'll just borrow yours Cass).
Spent the day at home - and then had a lovely afternoon with friends at the beach followed by a fish and chip picnic. Clancy had his first dip in the ocean. (of course didn't have the camera- it's in Korea with Jeff) - so we will get the photo next time :) It's cold here tonight..What's going on???

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday colour challenge

I am going to give myself a colour challenge every Friday afternoon to help me through my stash (so I buy some new goodies - of course) This week it is: Hot pink, Grey and Silver.
I have just had some photos of DD printed from her party in black and white so I will post the result as soon as it is finished...
I am going to create 20 layouts before I buy anymore new scrap stuff (OMG). So that should motivate me a bit!!
Jeff has gone to Korea for 5 days- so I see an early to bed night for the kids (dvd and bribes already in the house), and I am going to have a scrapathon from 7.30 - and see how many LO's I can get completed by midnight.. Watch this space.... (anyone want to join me?????)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


so this is pretty brave..
now remember that this was 1988!!
Charlene was big news, Miami Vice and 90210 were the HOT T.V. went out and had a "rage.."
I was desperately in love with Simon le Bon ( I still love you Simon!!!)

I remember asking the hairdresser to make me look like Kylie in the I Should be so Lucky film clip..

gotta love the plastic earrings - but GUESS WHAT?? You may laugh - but they (well maybe not those exact ones -WTH was I thinking) but plastic earrings are all the rage again...ooops - I mean "back in fashion".
You know you are old when your hey day suddenly becomes retro -
stop laughing - it's not that funny.


My internet has been down all day and I have felt completely cut off from the rest of civilization - I rebooted, rerouted, unplugged, rebooted again, phoned a friend and I still couldn't fix it.
Of course Jeff walked in and had one look and said "the modem is turned off'
well duh..
must be the blonde hair....
I like it when it just works ok???
Baby C had his 6mths needles today - so a bit up and down tonight...poor little mouse - he didn't even cry with the first one, just dropped his lip and his big blue eyes filled with tears. The 2nd was a bridge too far though and he had a good bawl..
So early to bed and lots of cuddles..

I see there is a few visitors to my blog from Toowoomba - I went to school up there (Mt. Lofty) in fact the 20 year reunion (God, how depressing!) was on a month or so ago. I couldn't make it - though I would have loved to catch up with some old school friends. So Hello Toowoomba!! I'll dig out my layout of my senior formal just for a laugh (you are laughing with me, not at me..right??)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One for P

It's hard to photograph this because of the page protector - this is the best I can do.
Here's my layout for Petrina's blog - the little birdie is one of her designs...v.cute! She has set up a blog with all her fab chippies here. - so check it out!!
I love this idea to sew the pp into little squares and cut the top open...
The silver swirly clouds are from Loretta Grayson..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pupil free day

huh?? didn't we just have 2 weeks of holidays followed by a pupil free day??? So we have had a quiet recovery day - getting back to normal after our visitors and T's birthday. Zach spent the day playing "birthdays" with his ninja turtles - very cute - he even made them a cake out of train tracks..
Just a quick photo of the big C - he is desperate to get moving but can't even sit on his own yet..subsequently he squirms and wriggles and doesn't want to held...but can't be put down on his own. He has EXHAUSTED me today..but he is so happy go lucky that I don't mind!!! I'll be very glad when he can just sit with some toys...until it all goes horribly wrong and he learns to crawl. I have a lot of things to change in this house before then..
I have done a Layout for Petrina's blog tonight - I got the FANTASTIC technique idea from Karla on the One Little Word blog..I will photograph it tomorrow as it is sewn into the page protector and won't photograph with the flash - I loved doing it and will definitely use this idea again.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The party was a great success

..and really easy - they didn't need any games, they all just had a great time skating.. and is it just me or does my girl who turned 8 today look about 16 in this photo taken this afternoon???

Happy Birthday

To my beautiful girl who turns 8 today - we have had a great scrapping morning. She did a layout about her fave things at 8 - just awaiting a photo to be printed to finish it.
I finished a LO of the Big Z..(off for publication!)
We are off to T's roller skating party -
happy birthday darling!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Some favourite bits of my garden.

Spring is the best time in the garden - lovely and warm, lots of flowers- these are some of my fave little bits - Jeff made the birdhouse for me - and the last one is my fave flower of all time - Cosmos. In the UK they have a chocolate cosmos - dark brown and actually smells like chocolate - unfortunately it's too hot to grow it here.. The blue rose is an old fashioned one the has the most devine scent - you can smell it from metres away..

The Bride of Zachenstein

was having breakfast at my house this morning (vegemite on toast of course!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A birthday and some

I am making this for a pregnant friend. Thankfully we have 5 months to go as I am the world's slowest knitter. It's great fun though and apparently (and accidently) it is quite trendy again..
Check out Knitty Gritty - on the diy channel. The last one I watched they were knitting dog collars.
V cool.
We are having the party you have when you are not having a party this Sunday for Miss T who will be 8 - Wow - my first baby 8!! We have done some handmade party bags - cute little felt pencil toppers in the guests initials, spiral notebooks with a few ribbons and a monogram, and some cute felt hairclips. A few other treasures and some choccie coins should keep everyone happy! Rollerskating is the destination of choice - brings back memories of 80's roller discos and speed skating...
aah the good old days - I would probably break a limb now if I attempted to skate!!

waiting, waiting..

for a big strong man..(aren't we all?).
Granny and Grandad have gone back to Ireland - the month seemed to go really quick...Unfortunately most of Grannies holiday snaps will be xrays...The broken elbow needs to be operated on at home in Ireland, so she won't be able to go back to work for a while. I hope that they had a good time in spite of the accident..

the reason I need a big strong man is to move all my scrapbooking furniture back into my scrap room...
I'm not real good at waiting you know - it's a sagittarius thing.
aaaannnnddd Jeff is working late tonight..

On another note - a fantastic day was had by all at The Creative Artz Cottage's Big Day In on Saturday..Congratulations to Cassie and Donna for all their hard work to raise money for the cancer council - and have some scrapping fun along the way. Loretta Grayson spent the day and was so lovely and friendly (oh and UBER TALENTED) She is just the queen of all things tree-ey and natural..

Watch out scrapbooking world - Bundy scrappers are about to take over!! My mate Petrina has created some awesome designs for Stuff2scrap...and you can have a looksy at them RIGHT HERE.
Congratulations Petrina - Bundy could be on the map yet!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Everyday I have to remind myself how lucky I am to have these 3 wonderful, healthy, loving kids..and here I have achieved the unbelievable...all looking forward and smiling with clean faces!!! Baby C is 6 months this week - where did that go??

Sunday, October 05, 2008

busy, busy, busy I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! we have just been FLAT OUT with school hols, visitors from Ireland, visitors from sunny coast... Hi Lou...miss you!..
It has been a round of one specialist to another.. to another another cat scan...but I think they have finally sorted MIL's arm out. She has a funky new purple thermal cast that is water proof and can be taken off for 10 mins a day to shower...seems that an operation later on is inevitable, but maybe now they can do less touring of Drs surgeries and have some time to see some are the odds??? when my Mum and Dad came to see us in the UK, dad fell in the Thames (yes- the Thames) and broke his leg in 3 places and spent 3 months in hospital - pins and bolts everywhere to keep it in place!!
There's a message there somewhere..hmmn.
Haven't scrapped for 3 weeks as all my stuff is in storage while visitors are here....didn't quite realize how much I had till I packed it all up...
feeling WITHDRAWALS!!!!\
I am knitting in the meantime to keep the creative juices flowing..
MIL doesn't want any photos taken until here facial bruises have healed -kids back to school and Dh back to work Monday