Thursday, July 31, 2008

bad, bad blogger!!

I know - but life keeps getting in the way! I am SO lucky at the moment and grateful to be able to spend time at home with my new little boy - it's time that I wasn't able to take with the other two - and I am just ignoring boring things like housework and grocery shopping and just playing and cuddling..
So another big chain has closed most or all their stores - who would have thought that Starbucks would be struggling?? Just goes to show the economic climate that we are in. Still - there is a lot of whingeing going on in this country - about the price of fuel, food etc, know what - GET A GRIP - there are people in this world bringing up their families in war zones, people who have children with cancer..
I am grateful to have a warm home, a husband who works hard and loves us, parents who get to spend time with their grandchildren and food on the table. If we can't afford to go away on the weekend or eat fresh seafood and drive a flash car- I think that is a very small price to pay.
Anyway, I will get off my high horse now!!
I have manged to do a few layouts..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm baaack

okay - I have been MIA - madly scrapping to get my Scrapbooking Memories Masters entry finished - the challenges were really great this year - and of course I choose to make a HUGE project out of it!! anyway it is out of hands now in the Express mail to Sydney (of course - I needed every minute!!) the waiting begins...
There is SO much competition - I am just thrilled to have challenged myself and done 4 huge projects around a new baby, 2 other kids and husband away...

Baby Clancy is 3months old already this week - the time goes so fast - here is gorgeous little face.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


to Anita and Mark on the birth of beautiful Shane Luke Messitt in Ireland on the 28th of June..My kids finally have a cousin - about time guys, it's a bit far to go for a play day though!
I am flat out trying to complete my Masters entry - between nappies and rainy school holidays (why does it always rain on school holidays, even in a drought??) - and husband with a bad back - I'm not sure if I can get finished by the deadline and have it to Sydney by the 18th!! So it maight be a bit quiet on the bloggging front as I madly create..
I am thrilled to have won 2nd place on the Aussie Scrap Music Challenge this month - yippee - a voucher to spend with gay abandon.