Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've nearly caught up...we have had a huge week - me sicker than I have been in a long time and in hospital, week 2 of Uni, Jeff's family from Ireland arriving and Jeff's 40th birthday - with friends from Texas and Gold Coast making the trip up...Thanks guys!!
I found my camera TODAY....but I have been promised some photos of the weekend from Row - a fellow scrapbooker, seems we both picked up the same hobby since not seeing each other 8 years ago!!
But I did take a photo of THIS. On day 2 of every visit we seem to always have a major accident - Dad falling in the Thames and breaking his leg in London, Jeff's Mum falling over in a carpark and breaking her elbow when she was out last we got through day 2 with NO INJURIES...and then on day 3..............poor little Indiah ran straight into the glass door and knocked herself silly...Thank God it was safety glass - considering that the door has been in there for God knows how long - she got away with a concussion and bruises - the 2 breaks are her head and knee hitting the could have been a lot worse............ what is it with us and visitors???????
Anyway - the Irish contingent are having a great time - recovering from St.Patrick's Day and having a quiet one tonight, before going to Lady Musgrave Island tomorrow...
BTW -- A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MRS THORNE!!! who celebrated a v. special birthday on Friday..... I have a bottle of bubbly just waiting to have a belated celebration mate!!

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