Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday, sunday..

so good to me...
Well the creaking that you hear are the cogs and wheels of my rusty old brain slowly winding itself up...after many years of lack of use!!. I have had a fantastic week at uni - feeling ok about it all now. the workload is daunting, but the availability of help and support is pretty poor old scrapbooking has a timeslot of Friday nights only (to start with anyway) - until I get the hang of it and get through the 1st 12 weeks are are apparently pretty full on..
anyway, on another note:
The winners have been announced over at One Little Aussie Word - so pop over and have a look at the beautiful layouts that were entered in our first challenge...a huge thank you to the creative team - I can't wait to see what they come up with this month!!! I have managed to finish one Layout!! the title says it all...he's just delightful.
So off to bed..
oh and a HUGE Congratulations to Mrs Cassandra Thorne!! A little birdie told me you are being published in NZ!!!! you BAAAAAAAd girl.Way to go girl!!

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