Thursday, January 22, 2009

a change is in the air

So next week there are some big changes happening at my place... DS5 starts prep, DS9mths starts daycare 1 day, DD8 starts Yr4 and I start uni!
So it is the perfect time to undertake a new enormous project (not).. I have started a Kite quilt for DD - When we were on Hamilton Island she loved flying a kite they made - so I was inspired..
And being the manic, hyperactive, over committed person that I am I didn't have time to find a pattern that I liked I am doing my own . I have cut all the blocks, and the first one is sewn up -plus a couple of layouts from the weekend..
So today is The Last Thursday: every Thursday for the past 3 years Zach has spent with Nanna and Poppy.
They have there own special routine, and always have a great day - so off he went with Poppy this morning for the last time..
Shame they have to grow up.


Rachael B said...

Wishing Zac a happy and exciting first day at school. Sorry we haven't caught up over the holidays. Goodluck with Uni.
Rach xxx

Mark Messitt said...

Zach looks so that his first girlfriend?

Cassie and Co said...

Good on you for being the best you can.
And I know the school that gets you in three years time is going to be the lucky one.
Have a great week next week.