Thursday, December 11, 2008


optus connected me today ...oh my, I felt like I was abandoned in a dark lonely place with no scrapbooking blogs or surfing or shopping.................
ok, breathe...
(and don't mention a certain telecommunications company who we WON'T be coming home to)

I"M BACK IN THE LAND OF THE BLOGGER>>> Our little pack arrived today from OPtus (when they said it would) and we plugged it in and it worked (like they said it would) and we got instant connection (yeah yeah you get the idea..)
what's going on?? Not quite used to service or things justing WORKING..

so here we are only 2 weeks from Christmas and I have so much to catch up on... Lots of photos and layouts to upload - will do it in a post later 2 night when all small children are asleep and not a mouse is stirring..........
have to go surf now and see what I've missed..

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