Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We have returned from a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, FAB (you get the idea) 10 days away - 7 spent on the beautiful Hamilton Island- Chrissy Day involved cocktails by the pool, swimming, prawns, more swimming, champagne and lots of time doing nothing together!!I got a v. spesh gift from here OMG and we have all arrived home rested and having had some real quality time together. (Just don't mention the cricket!)
Jeff and I have made some BIG decisions - that are going to change our lives somewhat (for the better in the long run - we hope!) although probably tougher in the short term.. So I am coming up to New Year with renewed energy and goals and priorities.... I will post some photos later - have got lots of lovely unpacking to do - and we are expecting some friends to arrive any minute from Texas - for New Years - So have a great New Years wherever you are in the world and I hope the New Year looks as exciting for you as it does for us!!!

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