Sunday, November 16, 2008

I feel like a new woman

(and so does my husband probably!!) We have just got back from 3 days away at the amazing Cania Gorge National Park,.
It's about 3 hours inland from here - on the odd dirt road that passes for the main road from Mt Perry to Monto - only in Australia!! The most hilarious thing is that we didn't see another car for about an hour and a half on this one road (in either direction) and then we came across some road works in the middle of nowhere - and Yes- there was a bloke with a Stop/Go sign ..We had to stop - we were the only car for about 150kms!!! Hope he isn't paid per unit of traffic!
Anyway we had a great time after a stressful week - Baby C has been sick with Roseola - miserable high temps - poor little thing..He is much better now, thankfully.
Cania Gorge is fantastic - the amount of wildlife is just stunning - the kids have hand fed kookaburras - that little guy in the photo spent most of time on our balcony -King Parrots, Rainbow Lorrikeets, Wallabies, Bettongs - (I didn't get any photos as they only come out at night - and I didn't want to scare them all off!) There is a great Tourist Park with camping sites or cabins - Friday night we had a camp oven roast and a wine tasting was provided on Saturday arvo. On Saturday night we had an open air (rainforest style) showing of Indiana Jones new movie.
In between swimming in one of 3 pools and jumping on this strange big air pillow thing (?) We went bushwalking and found a bat cave - with real (tiny) bats.. Tilly was very brave and climbed right inside, while I stayed outside looking after the baby and Being In Charge Of Things. Jeff and the kids had a game of Par 3 golf, and taught T and Z to Kayak. There is a beautiful lake (Cania) and apart from one tinny all the way around the other side - we were the only people on the lake - incredible. If you ever get the chance to visit I would highly recommend it!! There are a lot of much more serious bush walks - but just too far for the little ones (and their unfit Mother) Anyway - so no scrapping to share, but lots of photos to scrap!


Mark Messitt said...

WOW, they are so so amazing those snaps. xx

Cassie and Co said...

OMG, now I just so want to go more than anything now that i have seen your pictures.
Can't wait for school to be over....
Was it expensive??
Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time.

Petrina McDonald said...

ummm....there wouldn't be someone in your family who works for a travel agent would there? Cause like I reckon he could get you a job!!! I'm sold! I want to go there now!!!
He's bringing home my little blog giveaway for you tonight anyway - seeing you weren't at the hall yesterday ;-)