Wednesday, January 02, 2008

rain, rain go away..

okay so i know it's a drought and people all over have water restrictions - but we don't and ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! It has been raining non stop in Bundy (beautiful one day - wet wet wet the next and the next) since the start of my 2 week holiday. I had big plans to take the kids to the beach every day. nope. haven't been once - the risk of being swept away kind of takes the fun out of it....
so.... 2 bored kids, inside for 10 days + 1 new puppy = messy house from hell..
so I spent a whole day cleaning out my scrap space - man I was RUTHLESS!! So I will (try to) do what all good scrappers everywhere do on a rainy day - scrap all day ignoring all offsprings' needs for sustenance, hydration and entertainment...

on another note..
WOW - Maxine Hazebroek's entries for Masters are absolutely amazing. Congratulations Maxine - and to think that she nearly stopped scrapping because of some petty jealousies on a scrapsmack site - Well done Max- FAB< FAB FAB!!!!!!!

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