Friday, April 06, 2007

Gearbox??? What gearbox??

- you mean the NEW one that my car needs. I hate that. Day one of Holidays and the car packs it in.... and this time it MEANS it. I'm talking commitment..."engine about to blow up" tantrum from my poor little hyundai. Okay, so I didn't know about putting water in the battery, and I'm sorry that for the first year I owned it I though it was air cooled......but there is really no need for this type of behaviour. I gave her new CV joints, clutch, some ignition thing, and alternator. Ungrateful that's what I say.

Oh well - only $2000 for a re-conditioned gear box. Bargain.

Might have to seriously think about getting a new shiny one....

I warned her.

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I Scrap therefore I am said...

hey - wanna borrow some of my stylish silver tape? Fixed our car a beaut!!

P. :)