Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We have had a beautiful sunny day here for Anzac Day. We all went to the march this morning, the kids marched with their Father (who wore his great grandads medals from the Boer War) and their Poppy, who is a Vietnam Veteran.
It's a tremendous event here - a huge crowd of vets and their families, and all the local schools and community groups are involved.


Leeanne O'C said...

Hi Karen,

Its me your new scrappin buddy from Melbourne Leeanne. Thought I'd make good on my threat of coming to check out your BLOG. Guess what I've discovered so far we have something in common. I was looking through your BLOG and reconized a layout I'd seen before. If you head over to the EDM website thru for keeps once your in the gallery scroll down to the bottom of the page where they have the 4 most viewed layouts. Guess whose layout is right next to yours MOI. My layout is called Boofa and You (username scrappydoo) it was one of the winners the month SEI was the sponsor. Talk about 6 degrees of seperation its a bit oogeee boogie.
Anyway thanks for your company in the classes we did together I thoroughly enjoyed the whole Kiwi Scraps experience great classes, great tutors, good company etc etc and can't wait for November.

Hope your trip home was uneventful, I'll be blog stalking you again. lol :O)



Leeanne O'C said...

Hey KaREN,

i've just noticed the message at the top of my screen which say you have to approve my message before its made visible. So I'm really sorry you probably have one or two or three addtional messages. sorry about that I haven't come across this before so forgive me for being a bit remiedial.

cheers again


becspicer said...

I am sure it was a very emotional day for all of you!