Wednesday, December 13, 2006

this time I mean it!!!

yeah - well my intentions are good!!! Still trying to get into the rhythm of working full time - two kids - housework etc and still find ME time.. Hmmm...any suggestions???
December has come and with another birthday.35. That's OK. I feel fine about 35. It's very grown up though!!
I have been considering my news years resolutions. So far I have decided that I need to have more fun...and the kids and hubby need to have more fun.
(remember fun?)
How hard can it be to have fun??? Not the contrived, spend a fortune on a day out fun, but the spontaneous fall about laughing kind of fun???
Well, I'm working on it.
I think I should eat better exercise more..blah blah blah blah spew....
who cares? I WILL NOT join a gym I WILL NOT count bloody calories....and I WILL NOT give up anything with chocolate, sugar or alcohol..I WILL NOT spend my only day off as a slave to housework. (as long as you wear shoes inside so stuff doesn't stick to your feet - you can hardly notice.)
I WILL stay up late, I WILL give the kids Maccas sometimes..and I WILL give myself a break.
Hey - that's new years reso's almost done.
probably need a few more positives in there. I WILL be positive..
OK> that works for me. Maybe this year I will actually KEEP them!!
hahahahahahahaha...(the chocolate and alcohol one is no prob!)

By the way - this is Trevor the Frog. He joins us and watches TV through the window most nights...

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