Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

So, everything went smoothly this year...delegating out food made it a lot easier..plastic plates and cutlery made it a WHOLE lot easier..tacky- I know- bad for the environment- I know, but sometimes taste and politcal correctness has to make way for sheer exhaustion.
Everyone seems happy with gifts etc,,YAYAYAAY all over for another year...

Except now we have DS's birthday this Saturday. Crappy time for a birthday.
Anyway - 1 minor detail - I did not take one single photo on Christmas day.
I will take some this afternoon - it is still Christmas time isn't it?????
Lucky the tree is till up - I tend to get into a frenzy and tear it all down as soon as Boxing Day is over.
Oh well I will just fake it - I mean who will know???

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