Tuesday, July 08, 2008


to Anita and Mark on the birth of beautiful Shane Luke Messitt in Ireland on the 28th of June..My kids finally have a cousin - about time guys, it's a bit far to go for a play day though!
I am flat out trying to complete my Masters entry - between nappies and rainy school holidays (why does it always rain on school holidays, even in a drought??) - and husband with a bad back - I'm not sure if I can get finished by the deadline and have it to Sydney by the 18th!! So it maight be a bit quiet on the bloggging front as I madly create..
I am thrilled to have won 2nd place on the Aussie Scrap Music Challenge this month - yippee - a voucher to spend with gay abandon.

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Mark Messitt said...

Many thanks, he's a little rascal already. he must get that from Anita