Monday, November 05, 2007

there is a light....

at the end of the morning sickness tunnel - I have not blogged for a month - barely getting through my workday - dinner bath. bed for the kids and collapsing into bed at 7,30... so what's with this whole BLOOMING thing??? Seems I kinda bypass that.. But it has eased - I now have traditional "morning" sickness.. only vomiting first thing - which is a HUGE improvement from the last 10 weeks - 16 weeks preggas now - so one would hope that it will end soon...

hmmm - STILL WAITING to hear from Scrapbooking Memories Masters - lucky really I have been so crook, or I would have been obsessing about it!!!

anyway - have got a little mojo back..

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Cassie and Co said...

Good to see that you have your MOJO back, and in no time scrapbook memories will be contacting you.
We have the big senior formal this week, which will be a big treat. Have a good one.