Saturday, June 02, 2007


hey, how did that happen?? Wow the year has gone fast! I have been so busy with our AMAZING refurb at work - we are definately the coolest op shop around!! Funky orange, lime green and bright yellow walls, way out retro curtains...I have sure made a statement!!!

I will post some photos when we are done - we have been painting for 10 days straight - some of the walls needed undercoat and 4 coats to get rid of the HORRIBLE brown timber sheeting...
Anyway - hope we brighten up some lives here in Bundy!!!
I have scrapped a few LO's the last few weeks, but most nights I have just fallen into bed exhausted!! ( hard work that, going up and down ladders all day).
Got some done from Keppel....and some old photos..

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