Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Australia Zoo

OMG! another weekend away, I am buggered! (and secretly dying to get into my scrap room with all my new inspiration!!) But we have just spent the long weekend at the Sunshine Coast - did all the touristy things with the kids - they had a FAB time at Australia Zoo..Patted anything that could be patted, and fed anything that stood still long enough. It just seems so poignant - with huge pictures of Steve everywhere. Zach (3) kept saying "poor Steve".."naughty stingray"..


Janine said...

Hi Karen,
I have blog hopped over here from Aussie Scrapjacked!!

We took our kids to Australia Zoo in January and there is no getting away from pictures of Steve -is there???

I love your photos from Great Keppel Island- just stunning!! I bet you are bursting to scrap them!

And meeting Emily Falconbridge- way too cool!!!

Happy scrapping!

Janine said...

LOL Karen- you must think I'm a real numb skull! I left a message- thought blogger had deleted it so left another one! NOW you have a third message, explaining my other two! LOL!!! OK-I'm leaving now- LOL!!!