Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bloggin' on

yep - another post...well I have to keep up with the blog Queen Petrina ( yeah right- she's a Super Blogger! I have created a Blogmonster)
Just another week - nothing exciting happening, just going through the motions...have to admit that it pretty good to be alive though! I'm getting very excited about my upcoming scrap weekends - 2 (yes - TWO) IN A ROW!!! YAY>>
First we have the local scrap retreat with the Blogmonster and Crew....great laugh and very dodgy wardrobes... and then The Freestyle Convention in Sydney.

Oh and 2 weeks hols from work in between. I do love Autumn!!
New LO - a moment of rare peace before the usual sibling thing starts..

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The I Scrap therefore I am Scrapbooking Club. said...

Super blogger strikes back - now I will just keep leaving comments on every post so it looks like I am stalking you LOL!!!! Now really, are you excited about the retreat or what!!???